Each Board is handcrafted. No imports here. Other sites may offer lower priced products but before you buy, inquire about actual dimensions including thickness. Use for these boards is unlimited. Backyard BBQs, special events (weddings etc.), while camping, display as a piece of art, etc. Quality built boards at a fair price. 


It all begins with the selection of quality hardwoods such as hard rock maple and black walnut. I personally select each piece of lumber that is eventually crafted into a beautiful board. Creating these various products requires precision cutting, assembling, finishing, and protecting with multiple coats of mineral oil. 

Keep in mind that your product is made of hardwoods. All joints are glued and many are dowelled for extra strength. Handles are Cast Iron and attached with screws

Your Purchase

Each order includes your board(s) and instructions on how to care for your purchase so that you'll enjoy it for years to come. You are buying only the boards. Knives and other items that may be shown are used for props and are not available for purchase. 

Feel free to contact us to answer any question you may have.  


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